Few of my works

I know a lot of you would be wondering what bead art is,  well I tried to get a definition from Google but I could not get any. 

Basically bead art is the arrangement  of beads in a creative way to form words, designs,  pictures and a whole lot of things. 

The very first bead art I did was 3 years… I am even shy of it,  it really doesn’t look cool to me now and the picture was taken with a low MP Camera.  It was to wish Don jazzy a happy Birthday, I don’t think he ever saw it.

Backtracking to September 29, 2015 I made another one in support of @iambabatunmise a renowned gospel artist and event MC in the city of Ibadan.  This particular bead art was to support his new track. It was quite stressful because I made it in a puzzle style and it  had actual words hidden in them.

The next one I made was on Nigeria’s indepence day celebration two years ago. This was also in a puzzle form with words in it. 

This next one is one that I so much love because it was not pre planned, I actually wanted to do something else when the idea dropped in my head.  Without wasting time,  I executed it. 

This next one was made when I fell in love with @iamkissdaniel ‘s mama. It was my favourite track for a very long time. 

So far this 2017, I have done two.  The first one I made was on the first day of this year in support of Ali baba’s (@alibabagcfr) concert . It’s a program that comes up every first of January every year.  It is tagged “January 1st” . It’s always a night of music,  comedy and lots of other things.  

I was the happiest person when my  Creativity was acknowledged by the king of comedy.

The latest one was made few days ago.  It was made to support one of my own ‘s poetic project. I really loved what I came up with,  especially how the alphabets looked on the colourful background 

Follow me on instagram @timitibility to see many more that I would be coming up with as the year goes by. 

If you read to the end,  you must be a big fan of art. More to come.!!! 

Instagram @timitibility

Whatsapp 08103500549


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