Follow with purpose 

This has been on my mind for a long time,  so I decided to pen down my thoughts today.

I have noticed that a large number of people on instagram follow people basically because they want a follow back from them.

They follow, and when they don’t get a follow back,  they unfollow.  Too bad

Instagram has never really been about people following you back,  I follow people who add to me,  people who put up inspiring content, people who do something close to what I do,  people that I love their fashion sense,  so if I don’t get a follow back,  it doesn’t really matter to me.

For example,  I have always followed @gidicars on my sisters phone (I had no Android at that time)  I would screen shot cars and send to my phone. @gidicars following me back wasn’t a big deal… I was a CAR FREAK  and they were fuelling my passion. Been following them for more than 2 years now,  I’m not sure they follow me back but it doesn’t matter. There are people I have followed 2/3 years ago that just followed me back few  days ago. It’s either they just noticed or I just started to matter because of what I do and the contents I put up.

So if you follow me and I don’t follow back,  it’s most times because of one of these 3 reasons.

1. I didn’t get the notification.  This excuse apply to people with large followers.   so I’m surprised when people complain about  Justin Beiber, wizkid,DavidO or any other celebrities not following them.

2. You have zero post.  Hello!!!  Why should I follow such a page???  I have no idea of things you want to post. It’s mostly likely things I am not interested in.

3. Your page is private.  I would never follow a private page.  I don’t want to be scrolling through my timeline in peace and see a naked picture or something off to me.

So next time you want to follow a page, ask yourself the following questions

Does this page post what interests me?  Does it add to me?  Does it make me a better person?  Does it keep me updated?  Can it improve my networking?

Instagram is no more about liking pictures,  it’s basically  about networking. So the last thing on your mind should be a follow back.



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